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Apr 16

my hair is now long enough to be put into a ponytail and i’m too excited about it. i invite everyone to admire it with me, or to play with it and tell me i’m cute. 

Apr 15


coachella aka the annual bindi wearing white girls conference

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Coachella is capitalizing on offensive Native American appropriation

Needless to say, many Natives are not fans of the trend. But that hasn’t stopped the festival from capitalizing on the “white kids playing Indian” motif and offering tipi rentals for the low weekend price of … $2,200? Paying rent in a New York City rat hole never sounded so good.

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Apr 14






The Doll Test

This self hate thing is DEEP

this makes me mad 

This is a compilation of doll tests featuring children of many races.

This is so fucking important

if you ever have to ask why intersectionality is important, direct yourself back to this video


Arcade Fire - Wasted Hours

Wasted hours, before we knew
Where to go, and what to do
Wasted hours, that you made new
And turned into, a life that we could live.

Apr 12



zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

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Apr 10




Albuquerque Police Department Substations Vandalized Overnight

Four Albuquerque Police Department substations across the city were vandalized with red paint Monday night.

The substations at Central and Rio Grande by Old Town, Central and Girard near the University of New Mexico, Montgomery and Tramway in the foothills and one on South Broadway were all painted overnight, according to an APD news release.

The defacement is most likely in retaliation to the recent shooting of James Boyd, a homeless man who was fatally shot after a three hour-long confrontation with police over illegal camping.

Residents have held several protests against police violence by Albuquerque police since the shooting last month.

In a highly scathing assessment, the Justice Department said Thursday that the Albuquerque Police Department, whose officers have shot a and killed 23 people in the past four years, had engaged in a “pattern or practice of use of excessive force,” often acting recklessly and violating people’s constitutional rights.

one crime does not justify another crime

This is an artistic form of protest. IDGAF if the state calls it a crime.

How can you even relate the brutal murders of 23 human beings to a non-violent action against genocide?

Apr 9

Apr 5


jaimie foxx wears a trayvon martin shirt to the BET awards.

the headlines:




macklemore mentions trayvon martin during his acceptance speech at the AMA awards.

the headlines:




the message: PoC are racist crybabies until a white knight notices the issue and plays champion.

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